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Xmas and New year hamper gift by 159ATAS!


Delivery from 1st December 2022 onwards.


Add 159ATAS voucher ($100) to your hamper (buy separately).


    Cascina - Fig and Cinnamon Sauce

    Sweet and slightly spicy sauce prepared with figs and cinnamon. Perfect when served with grilled meats, cured meats or blue cheeses.

    Il Borgo - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Yellow Label

    Carefully aged, its classic flavour makes it ideal for salad dressings and everyday family use.

    Pommery - Mustard with Fine Herbs

    Winner of the gold prize in the 2013 World-Wide Mustard Competition, this mustard is complex with a long finish and rich satisfying texture.

    Tartuflanghe - Hazelnut coated with Truffle Juice

    Toasted and salted Piemonte hazelnuts covered with a thin layer of truffle juice. Great on salads or on its own.

    Tartufi Morra - Porcini and White Truffle Cream

    White truffle paste combined with the delicate taste of porcini mushrooms. The intense aroma of this paste will be perfect on pastas.

    Tartufi Morra - Truffle Honey

    A blend of Italian black truffle and Italian honey. Perfect accompaniment to Italian and French cheeses that have a sharp and well-seasoned taste.

    Dolium - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Dolium Gold is a superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from the finest Italian olives. The delicious olive oil has a sweet, fruity aftertaste and presented in a beautiful gold foil wrapped bottle.

    Serrats - Yellowfin Tuna Belly in Olive Oil

    The juiciest and most flavourful part of the fish is marinated with specially selected olive oil. This adds intense aroma and flavour to the preserved tuna.

    Serrats - Sardines in Olive Oil

    Fresh sardines of great quality are cut and cleaned by hand, before being steam-roasted and packed in olive oil. The sardines are shiny and tasty, with a soft and juicy texture.

    Reviseur - Single Estate Cognac VSOP

    Impressively gentle in the mouth, the taste is full of pleasant elegance and roundness. Wood, vanilla and liquorice is present along with a fruity and spicy finish.


    Book and pay 2 days in advance and we will deliver to you (from 1st December 2022 onwards)

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