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Our People

Who We Are

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Sebestian Soh


Sebestian founded 159ATAS in 2019 with a simple objective: Showcase premium wines and ingredients that are made by boutique producers from around the world. Both an epicure and an oenophile, Sebestian plays the role of a dreamer, a visionary and most importantly, the harshest critic for all our concepts. Through 159ATAS, Sebestian hopes to be able to place-make neighbourhoods by curating suitable concepts for forgotten places.

Pierre Bolly

Operations Director

Pierre joins 159ATAS with decades of Front of House Fine-Dinning experience. He has held stints in MBS Piazza, Meta, Saint Pierre....

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Geoffrey Weckx

Culinary Director

Geoffrey creates new restaurant concepts and takes charge of inspiring the culinary team.

Drawing inspiration from his three decades of experience as a Chef and restauranteur, Geoffrey injects innovative techniques to elevate recipes and menu a delicious competitive edge.

Jean Baptiste Voisins

Group Sommelier

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